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Here at Bryan’s Logistics, we offer nothing but the best. The best rates, the best turn-over time, the best deals and most importantly, the best customer service. We strongly believe that our customers are our number one priority and we’ll do everything just to see the smiles on their faces.
We also strive to provide a fast, efficient and cost-effective shipping service where customers can be in the comfort of shopping from any of their designated retailers and leaving the rest of the job us.


How it Works.

Sign up now and receive the best shipping experience of all time..

First Step: Sign up

On the Bryan’s Logistics page there will be a link provided to sign up and receive a free account. Afterwards, an email will be sent confirming registration and a US address to ship your items to.

Second Step: Shopping online

Proceed to shop with any of your desired retailers/ merchants and remember to add our assigned mail box number; 8000, beside the address or after your name.

Third Step: Track Packages

After shipping to the given US address, you will be notified at every step of the process once the package(s) arrive(s) at our warehouse.

Fourth Step: We’ll finish the rest

Our team requires you to sit back and relax while we cover the clearing and custom fees just for you. Once your package is ready we will alert you!



See our rates below... We have some of the lowest rates guaranteed across Jamaica. Our rates start at $400. Unbelievable!

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How often do you guys ship to Jamaica?

    We have two shipments for the week. For sea shipment, Packages that arrive at the warehouse from Mondays to Thursday mornings will be sent on the sea shipment. For air shipment, Packages that arrive at the warehouse Thursday afternoons through to Saturday’s leaves on the air shipment.

    How will I know when my package(s) is/are ready?

    Once you sign up on our website, you will get a notification in your email each step of the way. When the package arrives at the warehouse, when it leaves, when it arrives in Jamaica and when it ready for delivery.

    What are the methods of payment?

    We accept both cash and card payments.

    Do I pay the rate for 3lbs if my package falls in between the 3 and 4lbs mark?

    It depends. If the package weighs 3.4lbs you pay the rate for 3lbs and if it goes up to 3.5lbs or more we round off to 4lbs.

    Bryans Logistics Number 1 in the island.


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